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Новые пояснения к долгосрочным проблемам

Problem Clarifications for
Pet Project
Problem No. 1
Division I, II & III
Clarifications as of Dec-20, 2012

1. If a team member touches (directly or indirectly) a vehicle after the vehicle breaks the plane of the Start Line that attempt will be considered finished at that time. The attempt will be judged accordingly.

2. B6b Size dimensions: The vehicle may change in size after time begins; however, the problem is to create vehicles that travel. Avoiding travel by having a vehicle extend and/or expand is a violation of the Spirit of the Problem.

3. B9: The Pet Animal - This is not allowed to be a human being and it is not allowed to include one or more team members in its design. Team members are allowed to operate and/or activate it but are not allowed to be all or part of the the Pet Animal to be scored in D8.

4. B6b & Clarification #2 - Vehicle measurement and size dimensions: The vehicles may change size; however, when each vehicle is measured in the 12" x 18" rectangle they must appear as they will while traveling the course at some time during the demonstration of the problem solution. They are allowed to be altered and they may travel the course in different forms as long as they travel in the form they appeared when measured at some time during the performance. The Spirit of the Problem is to create a vehicle that fits within the dimensions and solves the problem.

5. B9b - Assembling Pet Animal: Each pet part must be delivered to the Assembly Area prior to it being assembled into the animal. The parts cannot be moved to another part of the competition site for assembly.

Problem Clarifications for
The Email Must Go Through
Problem No. 2
Division I, II, III & IV
Clarifications as of Dec-01, 2012

1. B9c: Typo - Should read as follows: c. will be placed in the Internet Area by the team. It must be self-contained except for the use of indirect human power and cords necessary for A/C power.

2. C2c: The Delivery Area will be located 8' from the Loading Zone (not the Internet Area).

3. C2d: Each email must travel a minimum of 8' starting from the Loading Zone and traveling across the Internet area until it breaks the plane of the taped Delivery Zone line.

4. B11 - The work of art attachment: The required work of art sent as an attachment must be tangible at all times and while it is being transmitted it must be in the same form it will be in when it is scored for D8. Images, video, audio, and any other component that is transmitted via a storage device will not count as the required work of art sent as an attachment.

5. B9e(1) The return receipt must travel from the Receiver back to the Sender via the e-mail network server, however it does not have to travel through any SPAM filter.

Problem Clarifications for
Problem No. 4
Division I, II, III & IV
Clarifications as of Oct-25, 2012

1. B10(c): The ramp must have a visible identifier that indicates the center point of the ramp. The entire structure must be above the center of the ramp when released.

2. A. The Problem and B10 Releasing the Structure Down the Ramp: The Structure must be released down the ramp while it is entirely above the mid point of the ramp. The structure must contact the floor surface between the Launch Line and the Score Line. If it then travels across the Score Line it will be eligible for score in D3. It is not allowed to travel beyond the Score Line without first contacting the floor.

3. Spirit of the Problem: The team must release the structure on a team provided ramp at least one time to be eligible to test the structure for weight held score. The structure must travel down the ramp and directly contact the floor without touching anything else. The team may make up to 3 attempts to receive score for the structure crossing the Score Line.шаблоны для dle
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